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Unlock BIOS Hack for HP Mini 311: 3G and WiFi for All

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Forum member icelord has successfully figured out how to unlock the BIOS F.04 to allow for third-party devices such as 3G/WWAN cards and WiFi cards using the HP Mini 311′s Mini PCI-e slot.

It’s not a difficult process either. He has provided us with the guides to install either 3G/WWAN cards such as a SierraWireless card or WiFi cards. Icelord says that the HP Mini 311 has (or should I say “had”) two different types of BIOS locks, both of which he was able to unlock

Mini have 2 type of BIOS locks:
1) USB lock for WWAN cards on both slots
2) PCIE lock for WLAN cards on halfsize slot

If you plan on using his guides, please note that you will be doing it at your own risk. Icelors has detailed instructions on what to do in case the BIOS is “spoiled”. And please be sure to read through everything on the thread to make sure your WWAN or WiFi card will be compatible, as well as thank Icelord!

Unlock BIOS Hack (3G/WWAN and WiFi) for HP Mini 311 by Icelord

In the same thread, Icelord has a guide to change NVIDIA ION LE to FULL ION without having to patch any of the drivers.

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