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TonidoPlug: Perfect for Your Mini

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The TonidoPlug is a small, low-cost,  home server device that allows users to access and share their files and media from anywhere making it perfect for your HP Mini. Tonido was kind enough to send me a unit to test out and review…

tonido plug TonidoPlug: Perfect for Your Mini

TonidoPlug from Tonido

What is incredible about the TonidoPlug is that it is it has its own RAM and CPU which makes it ideal for a home server and network attached storage (NAS) and its only $99…this is where the HP Mini’s come in to play.

With the TonidoPlug and an external Hard Drive or flash drive, you can access all your files, music, pictures, etc. and download torrents directly to that drive using your HP Mini without using your Hard Drive space. Best of all is that you can access that drive from anywhere in the world!

The TonidoPlug consists of a 1.2GHz Sheeva CPU, 512MB of DDR2 Ram, 512MB of Flash Storage, an ethernet and USB Port. It can be purchased for $99 at the Tonido Store.

  • Access your TonidoPlug using own URL (
  • Share and sync files, photos and music without uploading
  • Listen to your MP3s from anywhere
  • Download Torrents to your USB drive from anywhere
  • Search and download your files
  • Manage your calendar, contacts, and tasks
  • Keep a personal blog, capture and store web snippets
  • Make your USB drive a Network Attached Storage device accessible from Windows, Linux, MacOSX
 TonidoPlug: Perfect for Your Mini

TonidoPlus User Panel on the HP Mini 1000

The TonidoPlug comes with several built-in applications that are easy to use, some of them include Explorer (File Browser), Jukebox (Music), Photos, Search (the whole drive), Thots (a Blog-like personal notes app), Torrent (download and share torrents), WebsharePro (Share your files) and finally Workspace which has a calender, task list, contacts and more.

The Apps that come in handy with my HP Mini 1000 both in my network and away from home are Explorer, Jukebox and Torrent.

  1. Explorer allows me to upload, download and view my files on the TonidoPlug, that simple.
  2. Jukebox is quite impressive, with it you can stream your music from the TonidoPlug…its just like iTunes on your computer but the music is not stored locally.
  3. Torrent is also an amazing feature. With Torrent, you can download and upload torrents to and from your TonidoPlug, and manage the torrents via browser from anywhere in the world.

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