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The HP Mini Android Smartbook

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Recently HP showed off a new concept and prototype at CES and this time it wasn’t a netbook. The HP Mini Smartbook runs with Google’s Android and, if it gets produced, will be HP’s very first Smartbook.

The HP Mini Android Smartbook looks almost identical to the HP Mini 110 in terms of its casing, keyboard and screen but it hosts the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and integrated Scorpion ARM-based CPU. It’s also running Google’s famous Android operating system–the same Android OS that some phones use.

According to LaptopMag, HP has no intention of releasing the unit (displayed at CES) since its for testing purposes–meaning that HP might be coming out with something similar using the Android OS and Qualcomm chipset.

Brad Linder at Liliputing was able to take a look at the HP smartbook, and gave some insight into the interface and software:

Since there’s no cursor in Google Chrome, the touchpad navigation is also a bit different from usual. For instance, you can swipe to the left or right to switch from one area of you Android desktop to the next. You can also tap the touchscreen display, which might be easier.

HP developed a number of custom applications including a music player and a dock-style application launcher to run on top of Android. Right now the device doesn’t connect to the Android Market to download new apps, but you should be able to install programs you’ve downloaded elsewhere.

Hopefully HP will come up with a really good Android Smartbook or device of some kind (remember: this was only a prototype).

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