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The HP Mini 311 Dissected, Take a Look Inside!

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Isn’t it a treat when someone else takes a brand new HP Mini and opens it up? Its great for everyone else since they aren’t taking risks, but its usually more exciting for the Mini owner. Forum member teknokracy could not wait to take a look at the insides that the HP Mini 311 has to offer…First of all, he was happy to find out that HP used mainly one type of screw throughout the entire machine, making disassembly (and reassembling) much easier. He also said that hard drive upgrades would be very easy to do:

The HDD is very easy to take apart, undo two screws on the back and it takes 5 seconds to get out.

This is fantastic news. Not only is the RAM easy to access, but the Hard drive is also very easy to access and upgrade. Some other important information about 3G, the SIM card and the Mini-PCIe:

Finally, the SIM slot is directly soldered to the motherboard. There is NO built in 3G radio. The SIM slot communicates with the Mini PCI-e (which is possibly WWAN only unless you unlock the device in a BIOS hack) – I really want to find out if a Sierra MC8775 will work with this SIM slot or if they are only supporting the Qualcomm 3G modules in the 311.

Thanks to teknokracy we now know that the hard drive can be easily upgraded, same with the ram, GPS or other “add-ons” might be a bit difficult due to the Mini’s design (even more of a challenge for our great modders!), an available Mini-PCIe slot might be hacked to allow other WWAN cards or–hopefully–extra storage.

Teknokracy’s full dissection, with pictures and all,  [can be found here]

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