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Subnet Calculator makes its entry to the HP TouchPad™

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Subnet Calculator app for HP TouchPad 300x148 Subnet Calculator makes its entry to the HP TouchPad™If you are an IT professional, then you must be aware of the usabilty and capabilities of Subnet Calculator. It is actually a Network Subnet, CIDR and Wildcard Calculator. Subnet Calculator uses a set of information like class, IP address, netmask bits, max subnets and/or hosts per subnet, netmask, subnet bits, to determine the First Octet Range, Wildcard Mask, Hex IP Address, Host Address Range, Broadcast Address Subnet ID, and Subnet Bitmap.

Now this versatile app is set to appear on the HP TouchPad and in the process can make the life easier of IT professionals, VARs and others who have something to do with Subnet Calculator. Many are of the opinion that the Subnet Calculator app for the webOS is one of the most uncomplicated and easy-to-use apps in the HP TouchPad. This is some statement considering that the HP TouchPad is home to some of the most popular and happening apps ever featured in a tablet, including Angry Birds HD, Glyder 2 HD, Amazon Kindle, to name a few.

What makes the Subnet Calculator click is that it is especially optimized for the HP TouchPad, as opposed to other, earlier apps that were not optimized for the tablet. Many of these older apps were optimized keeping in mind devices like the Palm Pre or Palm Pixi. Subnet Calculator app for the HP TouchPad can be of great help while calculating a series of configurations by taking into consideration details like IP address, netmask, and subnet bits. It will also help to figure out items like Wildcard Mas, Host Address Range, and more.

You will be glad to know that the app is free and can be downloaded from the HP App Catalog. The features incorporated in the app are time-savers and would certainly benefit IT professionals and techies.

Posted by arundhati   @   27 July 2011
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