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Donating computers to schools located in some remote areas

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Continuing the tradition of social responsibility, HP has once again come up with an idea of donating computers to poorly equipped schools situated in some areas of Guizhou. At the starting of this year, HP donated around 400 laptops to 20 schools in Southwest China. All this was done to develop the educational facilities in China.

Not only students, even the local teachers were provided with the HP laptops. Since Guizhou is situated in mountains, commutation becomes very difficult. There is no Internet connection available as the service providers are not interested in investing money at that place. In case some problem arises with the laptop, it becomes a serious issue for teachers as well as for students. It becomes a matter of concern as it is difficult to get repairs and maintenance for HP laptops over there. Thus, the teachers and students are given classes explaining how to use HP laptops by a computer engineer. They are even provided with a service group number that can help them in case of some serious problem.

shutterstock 85388518 Donating computers to schools located in some remote areas

HP engineer takes two computer classes every week which lasts for forty minutes. Generally, teachers teach students about the functionality of HP laptops. Still, these people restrict themselves from using many of the applications as they can’t be taught in the classes. But still, engineers give their best shot with students and teachers.

These computer classes are only held for teachers and students above grade four. This limitation is because of the language as Miao is the first language for kids. But, when they come to higher grades they are able to use Miao and Putonghua.

At a certain level HP tried its best in providing educational services to students there in Guizhou but still, there are a lot many things that can be provided to them for comprehensive growth.

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