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No USB dongle, No Bluetooth®- HP Wi-Fi® Mobile Mouse Connects Directly

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HP Wi Fi Mobile Mouse 300x166 No USB dongle, No Bluetooth®  HP Wi Fi® Mobile Mouse Connects DirectlyYou must have had a tough time in connecting your USB dongle- or Bluetooth-enabled mouse to your laptop or notebook. Sometimes, syncing the Bluetooth-enabled mouse with your PC can prove to be marathon task. If these issues are killing your precious productive time, then it’s time to opt for the new HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse.

HP recently released a portable pointing device, the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse, which doesn’t need a dongle or a Bluetooth device to connect to your computer. It uses Wi-Fi to directly connect to the computer. This is a sort of relief because you no longer have to follow the seemingly difficult procedure involved in connecting a Bluetooth and nor have to plug in a USB dongle. The wireless connection is supported by a battery with a life-cycle of 9 months.

HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse has an ambidextrous design, and comes with all the items that you will need to get started like two AA batteries, a list of instructions, apart from the driver software. Portably designed, it is meant to be a traveler’s companion.

The HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse is compatible with Windows 7 and to use it, you will also need a wireless card. Though the mouse is designed to be used on laptops and notebooks, you can even use it in your desktop, provided it is integrated with a Wi-Fi adapter.

In case you want to adjust the pointer, change its resolution, or know about the battery status, you can use the ‘Mouse’ tab. For making adjustments to the vertical and horizontal scrolling speeds, the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse has the ‘Wheel’ tab.

The performance of the mouse has also been found to be very satisfactory when it was tested with several notebooks. It is pretty accurate and if you wish to make some changes to that, you can do that by changing the resolution of the sensor. This will make the mouse react in a more appropriate manner to different surfaces and sensitivity needs.

Overall, the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse is a notable achievement on the part of HP, providing you an innovative technology to work with.

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