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HP unveils its secret 3D Lab!

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Have you ever dreamt of a 3D display in which viewing from various angles and distances was never a issue? Don’t worry; your dreams would come true soon. The all new HP Photon Engine Technology is here to rock your entire 3D experience and change the way you perceive 3D.

shutterstock 81693316 HP unveils its secret 3D Lab!

HP Photon Engine solution is the outcome of a collaboration of HP Labs and HP Personal Systems Group. The new technology helps businesses in fabricating a customized and different 3D experience altogether. The 3D content, thus created, looks ‘true-to-life’. The solution helps businesses in building a strong rapport with their clients since it transforms the manner in which they interact with the data.

HP Photon Engine has already been unleashed earlier during the year by the renowned fashion house Marchesa during their Spring 2011 collection in 3D version.

The Photon Engine project has been developed at a special HP Lab known as the Area 17. It is in this lab that the HP experts are working towards changing and revolutionizing the 3D video concept. HP has been making efforts and trifling with the concept. It has been given a glance even at the events such as National Basketball Association’s Summer League as well as in the form of a pit stop at the IndyCar race in Las Vegas. This has even made Photo Engine commercially popular.

“We’re not aspect-ratio dependent,” says Carlos Montalvo, vice president with HP Innovation Program Office. “We’re really able to capture it aspect ratio appropriately. Any size. If you need a stage, we present it as a stage. If you need a human, we present it in portrait. Because as soon as you try to present a human in 16×9, I’m going to either cut off your head or cut off your legs.”

The project is also known by the code name Pluribus was almost discarded when Phil McKinney, the former technology officer, brought it back this February. Let’s see what the new project will bring about.

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