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HP may discontinue Touchpad™

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HP recently announced that its Touchpad tablet has sold out and is now available only with a few retailers. When the Touchpad first went on sale, it was priced at $499.99 for the 16GB version and $599.99 for the 32GB version. Now the price has come down leading to a rush by buyers to get their hands on the device.

6330 hp touchpad 1 HP may discontinue Touchpad™

Mark Budgell, social media strategist for HP wrote, “Some retailers have limited stock available” but the news is that the company’s own supplies have run dry.

Sources say not only the company’s supplies of Touchpad have sold out but HP has also stopped production of the same. It was also revealed that those who were employed in manufacturing the device were laid off because the production was stopped.

There was another announcement from HP about its WebOS. HP said that it is planning to discontinue its in-house operating system- WebOS. But nothing has been confirmed yet. Meg Whitman, HP CEO, said that the company will decide whether to keep or close down making its WebOS in the coming months.

Through Best Buy, HP is speeding up its Touchpad sales and simultaneously ramping up its PC production. This is done by reducing the price of the Touchpad. Now you can get the 16GB HP Touchpad for $99 and the 32GB version for $149. But you can only avail this offer through the purchase of a Compaq laptop or PC . This reduction in price helped HP in cleaning out its tablet inventory.

After the decrease in the Touchpad price, online sites and retailers, which sold the device, saw a sudden demand for the gadget. Now, HP has hinted it will release some additional stocks of the Touchpad during the coming months. There is speculation that HP might produce a few Touchpads during the fourth quarter.

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