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HP Slates Coming “This Fall”, For Enterprise.

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HP’s Todd Bradley confirmed the HP Slates will be released “this fall”, but not as a consumer product as expected.

Speaking at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference, HP Personal Systems Group VP Todd Bradley said the Slate would be more customer-specific than a product for general use:

Our focus is working with still our largest software partner Microsoft to create a tablet, a slate for the enterprise business. [...] We have worked very closely with some of our commercial partners to understand what that market’s like. [It will be launched] this fall. We are working to find the right set of customers, it will be customer specific than more broadly deployed.

There’s been talk that the “PalmPad” will be meant for Consumers while the HP Slate will be targeted towards Enterprise customers. Whatever the case, we’ll be seeing the HP Slate 500 series this Fall!

Posted by admin   @   22 July 2010
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