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HP Slate Prototype with Windows 7 Gets Demoed (Video)

Post image of HP Slate Prototype with Windows 7 Gets Demoed (Video)
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We already know about the HP Slate 500 but we haven’t seen it being demoed with Windows 7 until now.

YouTube user x313xkillax posted a video of what is believed to be an HP Slate Prototype with Windows 7. It looks just like the teasers that HP has released in the past and has the same features, so there is no reason to believe its fake.

The boot-up time is impressive, flash does work and the touchscreen is very responsive. We are not so sure about the Windows 7 setup though, it’s just not designed for tablet use. This is however an earlier prototype and so HP is likely improving the Windows experience or going with an alternative OS (like WebOS).

Posted by admin   @   23 September 2010
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