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HP says ‘No’ to Windows 7 downgrades

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downgrade windows 8 HP says ‘No’ to Windows 7 downgradesWith a sharp focus on promoting Microsoft’s new feature-stuffed Windows 8 operating system to its customers, HP has pulled off its hands and has announced that it will not support Microsoft’s last-generation Windows 7 operating system on its new Windows 8-powered PCs. In a shocking revelation, HP has refused to provide technical support to people who wish to downgrade their systems to Windows 7.

While HP will support the hardware components, it will not support the Windows part if the users wish to purchase new HP machines with Windows 7 installed on it, instead of Windows 8. However, the company’s decision does not affect its users on business-oriented product lines and companies purchasing new HP computers can happily go ahead and downgrade their systems to use Windows 7 OS.

The company, through its support service, declared, “If users choose to downgrade their HP consumer desktop or notebook system, HP will continue to support the hardware but if there is an issue where HP diagnostics are required or it is determined that the loaded software or upgrade operating system is causing the issue, HP may suggest returning the system to the original Windows 8 OS that shipped with the computer.”

Downgrades are not new in the computer industry and it is always seen that whenever a new OS is launched, many users downgrade their systems to the previously available versions on the pretexts of user-friendliness. And with Windows 8 modern user interface, it is quite certain that most of the users will refrain themselves from adopting the newly launched OS.

However, with HP being the only manufacturer to adopt this policy, whether users will be able to take this decision with a pinch of salt and stick to HP or will they move to other big brands like Dell and Lenovo, is something that we all need to look forward to.

What’s your take on HP’s decision? Do feed us back with your valuable comments.

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Posted by harmeet.kaur   @   12 November 2012
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