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HP Opal 7-inch tablet confirmed by apps page

Post image of HP Opal 7-inch tablet confirmed by apps page
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The HP (or Palm) Opal was mentioned as a compatible device in the app listings on HP’s website.

In addition to the HP Opal, several other devices were discovered by PreCentral:

Palm, and now HP, put up the page to highlight some of the better apps available in the App Catalog. Hovering over the title of any of the apps under the App Experience or Featured Apps tabs opens a tooltip that contains the app’s price, minimum OS version, the app version, and a list of compatible devices:

Devices: Palm Topaz|Palm Roadrunner|Palm Pre|Palm Opal|Palm MantaRay

Topaz is codename for the TouchPad, Roadrunner is the Pre 2, MantaRay the Pre3 and of course the Opal. NetbookNews and PreCentral suggest the Opal might be the TouchPad 7 recently trademarked by HP.

via NetbookNews and PreCentral

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