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HP Mini 311 gets CPU Overclocked to 2GHz (and GPU)

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It was only time before several amazing forum members figured out how to overclock the HP Mini 311′s Atom CPU. The problem was that there were no available tools or methods to overclock the Intel Atom, which is part of the NVIDIA ION chipset…until now.

Forum member burn_error discovered that the Asrock OC Tuner would work with the HP Mini 311′s NVIDIA chipset and Atom platform, with a few configuration file tweaking. Its quite brilliant actually. He successfully overclocked it to about 1.85GHz (stable), and provided some screenshots as well.

Then without knowing the details and files to edit, forum member blaznonion was able to figure out the process that burn_error used.

It Gets Even Better…

Several forum members were able to overclock the Intel Atom up to 2.0GHz without fail. Astaroth says that 2.1GHz was around the max clock speed that it can reach, and even then its fairly risky.

The new overclocking hack has also increased gaming performance and speed of the HP Mini 311 for several games. There still might be some games that won’t run as well, but overall the gaming experience has changed.

If you are interested in overclocking your HP Mini 311′s CPU (and GPU), head over to the guides for overclocking the CPU and GPU which have been updated by solarnoise.

Posted by admin   @   5 December 2009
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