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HP Mini 210 Will Have Touchscreen Options, Multitouch Touchpad

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After looking around at for some more information about the HP Mini 210, I spotted the official HP Mini 210 User Guide and found some “tasty” info.

Although the User Guide does not show specific specifications of the upcoming HP Mini 210 (the maintenance guide will, but it has not appeared yet), it does give away some of the new features that the Mini will have available such as a Touchscreen option and multitouch features for the touchpad.

  • The touchscreen feature will only be in “select models” so it will likely be at an extra cost and will allow users to all sorts of actions such as tapping (just clicking), flick through documents and pages, scroll vertically and horizontally, drag objects, rotate objects and “pinching” to resize (zoom in/out) items.
  • The multitouch touchpad, which conveniently has the enable/disable keyboard button like in the original HP Mini 1000, will have the same features as listed above.
Posted by admin   @   29 December 2009
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