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HP Introduces New Mini’s: 210, 2102 and 5102

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Hewlett-Packard has, finally, officially announced the HP Mini 210 as well as an additional HP Mini 2102 and HP Mini 5102 series…

It did not come to our surprise that HP would be announcing the HP Mini 210, but the announcing of an HP Mini 2102 and HP Mini 5102 did. It appears that the HP Mini 2102 series will come with a different variety of software than the HP Mini 210, it will have an “instant-on” OS that resembles HP’s MI Edition Linux.

The HP Mini 5102 follows the original HP Mini 5101 and changes include an Intel Atom Pinetrail CPU, optional touchscreen display, 4-cell or 6-cell battery, optional awkward-looking handle, optional GPS and “facial recognition software for logging in with the webcam.”

The HP Mini 210/2101 will also host the Intel Atom Pinetrail CPU and have the usual 1GB RAM (max 2GB), 160GB/250GB/320GB options, as well as a touchscreen option in the near future.

The “real” (good stuff) can be found in the forums and at the links below!

[Engadget Hands-on: HP Mini 210, 2101 Gallery]

[Engadget Press Shots:  HP Mini 210, 2101 and Compaq Mini 210 Gallery]

[Liliputing Hands-on: HP Mini 210, 2101]

[Liliputing Hands-on: HP Mini 5102]

via Engadget and Liliputing (to name a few)

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