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Decline of HP saddened Steve Jobs

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Wasn’t he expected to be happy to see a competitor stumble? Such was the gratitude that probably lags back to the summer job offered to Jobs, when he was a grade eight kid, by Hewlett, that he, being the CEO of Apple in much later days, wasn’t really comfortable to hear the melt down of HP in yet another summer.

Notwithstanding his discomfort toward the dwindling fall, he was smart enough to realize the need of raising a precautionary alarm among his own men. He shared with his staff, “Hewlett and Packard built a great company, and they thought they left it in good hands, but now it’s being dismembered and destroyed. It’s tragic. I hope I’ve left a stronger legacy so that will never happen at Apple.”

He sincerely admired a few companies and believed that some entities are meant to last, not just to make money. Disney, Intel, and — for a time — HP were among those. As an obvious instinct, HP’s fall was an iTragedy for Steve Jobs.

shutterstock steve jobs Decline of HP saddened Steve Jobs

While watching a product demo, a painful Steve, couched in his wheel chair, as he fought with pancreatic cancer, commented on HP. Just a few days before then, HP announced the failure of its TouchPad and hinted that the PC business may also subside consequently.

HP has been the platform from where many of the officials for Apple had been plucked. Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak’s owes his origin to HP until he designed the first Apple.

Walter Isaacson, the writer and biographer of Steve Jobs, wrote about him, “He wanted to be in the pantheon with, indeed a notch above, people like … Bill Hewlett and David Packard.” The master mind behind Apple associated his feelings to HP to such an extent that he breathed the air of a healthy competition with HP till his last. No wonder he didn’t forget to mention HP even while putting down his papers from being the CEO of Apple.

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