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Want to Download Games on the HP TouchPad™?

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You may have installed a number of useful and advanced apps on your new HP TouchPad, but it is incomplete without a good collection of games. With games like Angry Birds catching on the imagination of the people and providing wholesale entertainment, the craving to have the top games on the HP TouchPad is growing strongly. If you own a HP TouchPad, you are lucky as it has a rich stock of games dished out by the likes of Gameloft, 10tons, Hexage, and many more.

The thing with the HP TouchPad is that you can pick a new application only by using HP official marketplace. Also, since the HP TouchPad has no client PC, they are either downloaded directly from or to the device.Download HP TouchPad Games1 Want to Download Games on the HP TouchPad™?

  1. The HP App Catalog is where you should head to buy games on the HP TouchPad as it provides all the download options. To access the HP App Catalog, go to the ‘Downloads’ section by selecting the appropriate tab displayed at the top of the screen.
  2. By default, the HP App Catalog loads Pivot, HP monthly magazine, which shows the top apps of the day for download. You also have the option to bypass the HP App Catalog and instead use Pivot to download games.
  3. When you are sure that you want to download a particular game, click on the price button of the app at the top right of the screen to start the proceedings. Once you enter your password, the download will start automatically. Also, since the price button also displays the progress of the download, there are no separate screens.
  4. After you have downloaded and installed the application, you can launch it directly from the HP App Catalog or else you can find it in the ‘Downloads’ folder together with the HP Catalog icon. From ‘Downloads’ you can again choose between shifting the downloaded file to some other location like Apps or Favorites, by just dragging it to the specific location, or to run it right there.
  5. Updates are essential for the games to keep the excitement going. HP TouchPad, though, puts a lease on the types of updates by monitoring them using the ‘Software Manager’ app. This is to ensure that you don’t end up getting updates that may cause harm to the v.

So, what are you waiting for? Download your favorite games on your HP TouchPad and enjoy.

Posted by manash   @   27 July 2011
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