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Top Five Consumer Complaints

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A consumer is an integral part of any organization and living up to their expectations is what a good organization does.  To live up to its consumer expectations, iYogi has come up with a ‘Top Five Consumer Complaints’ series related to different issues users face while using a computer.

Consumer Complaint vis-à-vis iYogi

A consumer complaint plays a crucial role in how a company evolves and uses the feedback to achieve business goals. iYogi offers online subscription-based technical support services directly to consumers and small businesses across a wide range of computing and communications devices and software. Leveraging its proprietary iMantra platform, iYogi delivers on-demand support services to hundreds of thousands of subscribers globally. iYogi offers its services primarily through long-term unlimited service subscription plans ranging from 1 to 3 years allowing customers to choose a plan which works best for them. Customers can choose from various channels to contact iYogi including web-based self-help support, real-time phone, chat and e-mail. As part of these subscriptions, iYogi offers a comprehensive suite of service offerings including diagnosis and repair, installation and maintenance services and training for multiple devices, software applications and other products including PCs, digital cameras, MP3 players, printers etc. iYogi’s customer satisfaction scores are amongst the highest in the technical support industry. iYogi’s wide range of service offerings, which are brand-agnostic, make it a “one stop shop” for many customers’ technology support needs. Customers can rely on iYogi to address many of their technical support needs and avoid the complexities of working with multiple support providers associated with each individual device or software application they purchase. This decreases the problem resolution time and enhances customer satisfaction.

Top Five Consumer Complaints

iYogi takes special note of the most common complaints faced by its consumers, that may include complaints regarding the various issues related to your PC. Based on extensive research and iMantra database, the company has come out with a series of reports on ‘Top Five Consumer Complaints.’ They are as follows:

  • Five Primary Issues Users Face during Wireless Router Configuration to Network
  • Top Five Complaints while setting-up Internet Parental Controls
  • Five Primary Issues that Users Face with USB Devices
  • Five Primary Issues Users Face with Printer Installation
  • Five Primary Issues Users Face With Antivirus Installation

 Why has iYogi prepared a Top Five Consumer Complaints series?

iYogi is dedicated towards its customers and is always on the lookout for possible ways to help its consumers resolve their issues more efficiently and promptly. The series is an effort to highlight the common issues faced by consumers. It is based on the large subscriber database that iYogi maintains and goes a long way in finding logical and practical solutions to the issues that consumers have. iYogi has been proactively involved in informing its customers through a series of releases not just on how iYogi is dealing with their complaints, but also how they need to beware of online threats like scams and frauds.

A Brief on Consumer Complaints

The primary issues that the users face during wireless configuration involves complex configuration procedures, problematic file sharing process, related security concerns and more. They may also face issues while setting up the Internet parental control, etc.

Complaints about router configuration mainly highlight the common issues that a user faces during its set-up and installation.  While making any changes to the router configuration, care must be taken to ensure that the jacks are not loose and there are not any broken parts. The built-in wireless system is much easier to handle as compared to the systems that need external wireless adaptors. The user should follow the standard security norms associated with the process so that no security situation arises during the configuration process. The overall security of the router configuration may include setting up of IPs on devices, enabling Mac address filtering, assigning of WEP passkey, updating of router firmware frequently, etc. This will not only establish a healthy router configuration but also keep the user updated about the related protocols.

Some of the frequently encountered complaints users have while setting up the Internet parental control include content advisor settings, problem in accessing the websites etc. Content advisor settings mainly take care of the customized websites that the user intends to block. Any issues with the same can be controlled by the content advisor tool that manages the blockage of websites with respect to the user’s requirements. For achieving the required active control settings, one must ensure that all the applications are signed out of and closed before the controls are set to meet the user’s demands. Any kind of modifications made to the Parental Control settings of Microsoft Office programs will affect all the related Office programs. And the user shall always try to jot down the administrator password that may remind him of the same in case of related error.

Other complaints  that iYogi is focusing on include problems that a user face with USB Devices that may not be able to detect the device easily, face hibernation recognition issues, auto play programs, etc. One shall always make sure that the drivers are completely compatible with the windows version installed on the PC. To resolve the issue of unrecognized USB, one must unplug the device and then plug the device back into its concerned port. One must also ensure the proper functioning of USB ports or hubs by checking for ‘Device Manager’ for non-functional USB. Select the “Take no option” button from the control panel to ignore any kind of issue with auto play. Disconnect the USB properly to avoid issues.

Complaints regarding printer installation like connection issues, outdated drivers, hardware incompatibility etc. are quite frequent. Proper connection is quite essential to carry out the operation of the printer. The connection might get disrupted whenever it passes through an electronic interference. Outdated driver issues and malware issues can be controlled by regularly checking and updating the printer.  One should remember that each set of drivers has different disk space requirements; so when updating or upgrading a driver, these things must be taken into account. Users are constantly plagued by printer problems, which is a case of frustration.  Our tech experts can help resolve any issues that you are facing with your printer.

Issues that users face with antivirus installation are also quite common and includes problems with existing antivirus programs, compatibility, viruses, rogue applications, etc. One must install only  one antivirus program on his computer to  avoid any kind of conflict between the antivirus programs. The antivirus program must also be compatible with the other programs installed in the system. Care must also be taken to ensure that the program don’t eat up considerable disk space, as this might affect the performance of the system. Once an antivirus program has been installed, the user would do well to update it on a regular basis to fix any loopholes in the program and to strengthen it to fight against more advanced threats. This way the user can ensure that the antivirus program in his/her system is running without any issues.

So, it is quite evident that these consumer complaints play an active role in the betterment of our services. Good Karma.

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