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HP TouchPad

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HP webOS goes big.

Our breakthrough interface features a spacious workspace and activity cards that provide an easy way to visualize and organize what you’re working on. Easily move back and forth between cards.1And group related cards in stacks—or have them stacked automatically.

overview introducing hpwebos HP TouchPad 

Pause a game, tap an email notification, check your calendar, read a restaurant review, send an IM, then switch back to the game without closing anything.2
touchpad overview alltheways HP TouchPad 

Have a face-to-face conversation on a large, vibrant screen.2,4

All the ways you communicate, all together.

Powered by HP Synergy, webOS brings together the different ways you communicate so you can quickly get to what matters. Just start typing to begin an email without having to first launch an app.2 Find a contact’s information from different sources in one combined view.3 Make video calls with a front-facing camera.2,4And see your photos from Facebook®, Snapfish, and Photobucket all in one place.2

touchpad overview alltheways thumb 1 HP TouchPad
Just Type breadcrumb black arrow HP TouchPad
touchpad overview alltheways virtkey thumb HP TouchPad
Virtual keyboard breadcrumb black arrow HP TouchPad

Get more done from the get-go.

TouchPad includes essential productivity apps right out of the box. Collaborate with colleagues using GoogleDocs or Print wirelessly to compatible networked HP printers.5 And browse the full web at blazing speed with support for the latest web technologies, including a beta of Adobe Flash Player 10.1.2

touchpad overview getmoredone thumb HP TouchPad
Calendar breadcrumb black arrow HP TouchPad

overview get go HP TouchPad 

Print without cables, wires, or connectors. HP makes it simple.5
overview more fun HP TouchPad 

harry btn HP TouchPad
You’ll be able to access thousands of books from Amazon’s Kindle Store and download movies to watch anywhere.7

Have more fun.

Immerse yourself in gaming action. Transfer your favorite songs from your personal collection and take them to go.6 And listen to your music with amazing sound quality thanks to Beats Audio. Heading out of town? Download movies or TV shows from the HP Movie Store to watch on a flight.7

touchpad overview havemorefun beats thumb HP TouchPad
Beats Audio breadcrumb black arrow HP TouchPad
touchpad overview havemorefun armageddon thumb HP TouchPad
Armageddon Squadron II breadcrumb black arrow HP TouchPad

Better together.

The next generation of Touchstone technology makes HP devices work better together. Easily share a URL with your Pre3 simply by tapping them together.2,8Receive text messages and answer phone calls on your TouchPad so you don’t miss a thing.9,10,11 Start reading a website or blog on a TouchPad and then tap your smartphone to take it to go.2,8 We’re building more connected devices so you can have a more connected experience.

overview better together HP TouchPad 

Share a URL from your Pre3 and continue reading on a larger screen. Just tap the devices together.2,8

Apps at your fingertips.

There are already thousands of great apps for HP webOS, and we’re adding tons of features for app developers to help bring you more amazing experiences. Enjoy apps for social networking, health and fitness, productivity, finance, 3D games—you name it. And the redesigned App Catalog makes it even easier to find the hottest apps out there.7

Angry Birds

touchpad overview app angrybirds HP TouchPad


touchpad overview app time HP TouchPad

touchpad overview app lastfm HP TouchPad


touchpad overview app facebook HP TouchPad

Make the most of it. Add accessories.

TouchPad is just the beginning. We’ve got lots of ways to keep you geared up and connected on the go. Take the revolutionary HP Touchstone, which charges your device without wires getting in the way.12 Set your TouchPad on the dock and Exhibition launches automatically, showing you anything from today’s agenda to a slideshow of your photos.13

touchpad accessories touchstone HP TouchPad


Place TouchPad on Touchstone and it charges automatically.12 There’s nothing to plug in. While docked, see your photos, today’s agenda, and more.13

touchpad accessories case HP TouchPad


Protect your TouchPad with a lightweight case that doubles as a stand for watching videos or typing. Charge the device right in the case.12

touchpad accessories keyboard HP TouchPad


Need to do a ton of typing? Add an ultraslim, ultracompact wireless keyboard.12

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