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Thread: My hp mini 1000 hard drive

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    My hp mini 1000 hard drive

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    Is no good... Does anyone have any websites or recommended places to buy a new one at a decent price? Thanks.

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    Re: My hp mini 1000 hard drive

    check ebay for ipod replacement drives...most of the 1.8" zif hard drives are compatible...

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    Re: My hp mini 1000 hard drive

    Thanks I was planning on putting it in myself.. Is there anything I have to change to put that 1.8 zif drive?

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    Re: My hp mini 1000 hard drive

    if you get a hdd from an old ipod it may come with a caddy attached but they easily slide off...check the zif connector before ordering a high capacity ipod replacement hdd...some of the connectors on 160GB hdd's are not compatible with the mini 1000 zif cable...

    when you connect the cable to the hdd and motherboard check the orientation of the hard drive and is easy to get them turned around...

    ...did your 1000 originally have an solid state drive or a hard disk drive? ...the zif cables are slightly different in shape (the ssd cable is straight whilst the hdd cable is angled) but you can use an ssd cable on a hdd...the ssd caddy as 4 screw posts that would need to be removed for the caddy to fit a hard drive...and the rear USB port will need to be removed for the hard drive to fit in the mini 1000...

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    Re: My hp mini 1000 hard drive

    Yes a solid state drive... Would u know what capacity hdd is usually more compatible? Mine came with 60gb so long as whatever capacity I get is no less than that. What generation iPod will have the correct hdd I need?And lastly has anyone posted videos or pictures of how they did this same process step by step more or less?

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    Re: My hp mini 1000 hard drive




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