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Thread: Battery Question

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    Battery Question

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    Hopefully someone can help with this question...I'm still a bit new to laptops/netbooks.

    I've had my 311 for about 6 months now and suffer from the typical too-much heat causing the battery life to lessen over time problem.

    So, I'm looking to buy a new battery but I'm not sure what the difference is between the mAh ratings on what I've found online.
    The HP site lists the standard replacement PT06 ( ... anding_PDP) which is the 4400mAh rating.
    I've also found another site that lists a different battery rated at 5200mAh ( ... ttery.html).

    What the difference between the two? From what I've read online, the mAh rating has to do with the total energy stored in the battery, but I'm curious how much extra (if any) the larger one would have.

    Just trying to figure out what to do, so any advice would be great.



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    Re: Battery Question

    Battery life is pretty much directly proportional to the capacity in mAh (milliamp hours) so the 5200 mAh one should last about 18% longer than the 4400 mAh one.

    What those times are will vary with use.

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    Re: Battery Question

    What's the best way of keeping the battery life up?

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    Re: Battery Question

    bpm222, check out the 9-cell battery thread...


    As for battery life, power save and removing bloatware make the biggest difference, IMHO. Keep it trim, load only what you need, and don't treat it like a desktop machine.

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    Thanks for sharing tips to maintain battery long time.

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