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Thread: Installing OSX AFTER Win7 install?

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    Installing OSX AFTER Win7 install?

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    I'm looking at dual-booting my mini to Mac OS X after I wiped my previous installation and installed Windows 7 on my 110-1030. All the dual-boot guides I see talk about installing OS X first - I would rather not wipe out my original install. Is there a guide or some tips on how to install OS X after Windows is already in? Thanks!

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    Re: Installing OSX AFTER Win7 install?

    hi, the trick is very simple:
    have installed win 7
    install SL or LEOPARD
    boot with the win 7 cd or usb key(the method that you used to install win7)
    let it load,after the language selection go to repair.
    at the new window open comand prompt
    DISKPART (enter)
    select disk 0 (enter)
    select partition 3 (enter)
    active (enter)

    after restart,start again with cd,it will now tell you to repair and restart (repairs the boot loader of windows),if not choose it your self
    now you can enter in windows after reboot.

    in windows now:
    open comand prompt (start accessories) and wright:

    select disk 0
    select partition 1
    now when you restart you will see chameleon.
    i hope that i helped you.

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    Re: Installing OSX AFTER Win7 install?

    Doesn't Win 7 create several partitions on the disk? Do you know how to limit it all to 1 partition?
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    Re: Installing OSX AFTER Win7 install?

    it makes 2 partitions,1 for its files 100MB and 2nd win 7 thats y i used the numbers 1 and 3.1 usually its for mac 2 is the partition of 100MB and 3 active windows.there is a way to limite it but it will be wiser to have that partition of 100mb if you want to use something to brake its orbit

    P.S by the way i would like to TY LeMaurien19 for your guide to make the sd and all the other stuff....i have made a complete guide for the hp & compaq mini here ... pic=198559 putting a direct link to u if u dont mind and a fix for sleep etc

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