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Thread: How can you find your true model number?

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    How can you find your true model number?

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    Everyone says they have a Mini 110-xxxx. How do you now the four digit number after "110"? I looked on the bottom of my mini and nothing. its not overly important, but I would love to find out what my true model number is.

    HP Mini 210 HD / Black Crystal / 2 gig ram / 160GB 5400 / 6 cell battery / Win7 Ultimate

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    Re: How can you find your true model number?

    Under your laptop. It should say Model #: 110-10XX
    The actual 110-1000 is the ones that came from HP.
    Mine I got from Best Buy and it's the 110-1025DX
    HP Mini 110-1025DX | 1GB RAM | 160GB 5400RPM |
    Windows XP Home SP3

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    Re: How can you find your true model number?

    Hmmm interesting.

    Mine came straight from HP and says:
    Model #: HP Mini 1100
    p/n NN099AV

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    Re: How can you find your true model number?

    Mine also came direct from HP (ordered online), and has an oddball model number.

    The bottom sticker says:
    Model #: HP Mini 110-11

    My only guess is that this means that I have an 11xx series Mini 110, but that the configuration I ordered did not match up with anything that they had a designated model number for. When I need drivers from the HP site, I always select the HP Mini 110-1100 CTO PC option... (CTO = Configured To Order).

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