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Thread: BIOS "Serial Number Not Found"

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    BIOS "Serial Number Not Found"

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    I am not sure why this is happening, but when I boot my Mini 1030NR, instead of the HP logo and a regular BIOS menu, I get the Compaq logo with "Serial Number Not Found" displayed in red. The menu is bare bones and is missing the model number/serial number/product ID, etc and I have no options within the BIOS aside from changing system date/time and boot order. I have tried flashing with different versions, as well as the modded BIOS ROMS from the thread discussing swapping wireless cards. The version displays in the stats, so I know it is flashing correctly. It seems it just can't pick up any device info.

    Does anybody know what is going on??

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    Re: BIOS "Serial Number Not Found"

    You appear to have an HP Mini, with a compaq BIOS. Are you SURE you are flashing your Mini 1000 with a MINI 1000 BIOS from

    I'm surprised the BIOS would even flash on the wrong model, but all these netbooks are pretty much the exact same HW. If you really do have Compaq netboot, disregard this message.


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    Re: BIOS "Serial Number Not Found"

    Yep, I am positive I am using the HP bios (when I mentioned different versions, I meant .05, .10, .13, etc.) The strange thing is, this happened before I ever flashed it. It happened when I removed the battery and the RAM. I turned it on and it suddenly had the Compaq logo and no serial number. I think the Compaq logo might be the default logo for the motherboard since it has no serial number/product ID to know which brand it is supposed to be?

    Totally confused by this...

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    Re: BIOS "Serial Number Not Found"

    I actually get that as well.

    I found it happened after I updated my bios when I replaced this motherboard in my mini, not sure what caused it.
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    Re: BIOS "Serial Number Not Found"

    Did you ever find the solution?

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    Post Re: BIOS "Serial Number Not Found"

    i too am having this issue... mine started after my car knocked it off of my couch... and now i cannot use my HP recovery disks.. i figured this was due to the serial number issue.. after contacting HP they want me to send it in for them to repair it... there is nothing that they can do over they phone.. they didnt really say much about the issue.. but from what i could understand and make out of what the guy was saying is that this is a bad motheboard issue... as soon as i get it back ill report what they do for me... hopefully replace my MOBO...

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